Symptoms Of Diabetes Blood Sugar And Best Treatment Method

Diabetes Blood Sugar
Diabetes Blood Sugar

Diabetes blood sugar (or better known as diabetes) is a condition in which the body cannot produce insulin hormone or a decrease in production of insulin hormone that causes increased blood sugar in the body.

There are two types of diabetes blood sugar, type 1 (a chronic condition in which there is damage to the pancreas so that insulin production is reduced or not produced at all) and type 2 (a chronic condition in which insulin does not work well in blood sugar processing). Most diabetics in Indonesia fall into type 2.

Both type 1 and type 2 require treatment to reduce blood sugar. Before discussing how to lower blood sugar, let’s see what the symptoms of high blood sugar are.

Diabetes Blood Sugar Symptoms

Here are the symptoms of high blood sugar that can be recognized easily. If you experience it, immediately do the treatment for blood sugar does not get worse and healed.

  1. Often Feel Thirsty And Frequent Urination
    When you experience high blood sugar, kidney function is interrupted shortly after the body is unable to control blood sugar. The fluid that is generally absorbed by the kidneys actually comes out with sugar. That’s why you become frequent urination and your body back lack of fluids so continues to feel thirsty.
  2. Often Feel Tired
    The function of insulin hormone in the body is disrupted when blood sugar levels are high. Insulin is not able to process blood sugar into energy sources and eventually, the body becomes energy deprivation. Of course, it will make you easy to feel tired.
  3. Often Feel Hungry
    No matter how much food you consume, you will always feel hungry because the intake of incoming food is not processed into energy in the body. Because of the body’s inability to process food that will make your weight and muscle mass decrease.
  4. Vision Becomes Blurred
    Another symptom of high blood sugar is the vision that becomes obscure or blurred. This is because of the absence of energy available for activity in body tissues, including activity in the neural network in the eye.
  5. The Mouth Is Dry
    When blood sugar is high, the salivary glands cannot produce saliva normally. Other symptoms that also arise are the pain in the gums and teeth.
  6. Long Wound Healed
    High levels of sugar in the blood makes blood cells difficult to reach the wound. As a result, the wound continues to widen and takes a long time to heal because the wounds are not well-nourished.
    Once you know the symptoms of high blood sugar, then how to treat it? What are the best ways to lower high blood sugar?
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Best Way To Lower Blood Sugar Diabetes

There are many ways to lower your blood sugar, however, you would have trouble if you had to do all the methods. Here is the best way to lower blood sugar in the body.

  1. Set Your Diet
    Change your diet to be healthier, regular and nutritious. Reduce the consumption of high carbohydrate foods and sweet foods because these types of foods contain lots of sugar that will increase your blood sugar. Choose foods that contain low glycemic and avoid high glycemic loads. Do not forget enough daily water at least 8 glasses per day.
  2. Routine Exercise
    Exercise is very important for you who want to lower blood sugar. Exercise will help your body make efficient blood sugar functions in the body. Do the light exercise for 30 minutes 3-5 days a week. You can do jogging, swimming, gymnastics and cycling in the morning or evening. But if your blood sugar level is too high, it’s better to consult your doctor about the right kind of exercise.
  3. Taking Traditional Medicine
    Natural ingredients known as medications to lower blood sugar include cinnamon, garlic, green tea, basil leaves, and moringa leaves. You can consume these ingredients of course after going through the process.
  4. Consult A Doctor
    Come to your doctor to get a good treatment recommendation for your blood sugar problem. High blood sugar usually cannot be lowered only by the natural method as above. Advised to go to the doctor because blood sugar levels vary in each patient, so it varies also how to treat it.
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The best way in lowering diabetes blood sugar above you can do from now on. Do not give up to live a healthier life!