Remedies to Lower Blood Sugar Up To 400 Mg/Dl

Home Remedies To Lower Blood Sugar
Home Remedies To Lower Blood Sugar

No need to go to the doctor, just do your home remedies to lower blood sugar high. Blood sugar is the level or the amount of sugar in the blood circulation in our body. The presence of sugar in the blood serves to provide energy and is a source of metabolic intermediates of the body. However, there are conditions where blood sugar levels exceed normal limits (140 mg/dl). If so, you should immediately lower it so as not to endanger the condition of the body.

Blood sugar levels are said to be too high if it exceeds 250 mg/dl. But what happens if the blood sugar level is too high well above 250 ml/dl? Dangerous? Then how about home remedies to lower blood sugar that high if you do not want to go to the doctor?

Home Remedies to Lower Blood Sugar 400 You Can Do at Home

If blood sugar levels reach 250 mg/dl alone is too high, what if it reaches 400 mg/dl? You certainly do not want your blood sugar levels as high as that? Blood sugar levels of up to 400 mg/dl may be the cause of acute complication illness. This situation will bring you to the condition ketoacidosis diabetic (DKA) and coma hyperglycemia. In both conditions there is a rise in blood sugar to 400 mg/dl, dehydration, feeling like spinning/dizziness, to the comma.

These conditions, of course, need to be handled quickly. Usually, blood sugar 400 mg/dl requires treatment such as drug administration and insulin therapy. If it happens, you should go to the doctor for treatment and given appropriate treatment advice to control/lower blood sugar levels.

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Surely prevention is better than cure. Instead of waiting for blood sugar to get worse, better take medication to prevent blood sugar rise higher. You can certainly do your own treatment at home without having to go to the doctor and consume drugs regularly. How to?

The key is to apply a healthy lifestyle. You who like to eat sweet foods in large quantities should arrange again such a diet. Sweet foods will certainly exacerbate your blood sugar. Foods that are recommended for consumption are foods with complex carbohydrates and high fiber because the food is broken down longer indigestion, so as to maintain blood sugar levels. These foods include red rice, oatmeal, whole wheat bread. But even though the meal is recommended, keep the portion to be limited.

In addition, consumption of vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, spinach, apples, pears, peaches, strawberries to meet the nutrients in your body.
In addition to adjusting your diet, you also need to exercise. Do the mild exercise for 30 minutes on a regular basis for 3-5 times a week.

You can do sports jogging, gymnastics, swimming, or cycling. Do not forget also to consume 8 glasses of water a day to meet the body’s need for fluids. It will also help you to lower your blood sugar level back to normal.

You also need enough rest. Do not sleep too late and try to sleep 8 hours a day at night. Lack of sleep will make your blood sugar levels rise. Finally, you can take herbal medicines that you can make yourself at home. Like consuming 1 clove of garlic every day, eat cinnamon by mixing 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with a glass of hot water, or drinking green tea.

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That’s how to make home remedies to lower blood sugar high. Easy is not it? You can try it yourself at home. Do not wait until blood sugar is too high. While you can treat yourself, why not?