How To Lower Blood Sugar Fast

How To Lower Blood Sugar Fast

How To Lower Blood Sugar Fast

How to lower blood sugar fast? In medical science, blood sugar is the presence of sugar or glucose in the blood. The presence of sugar in the blood serves as a source of energy, support the metabolic process, regulate body temperature, repair and restore muscles.

But often people consume too much sugar, resulting in high levels of sugar in the blood. If it’s like that, you should know how to lower blood sugar quickly.

There are several ways of how to lower blood sugar fast for those of you who have high blood sugar. But before that, you should check your own sugar levels in your blood. If it is high, then you should lower it to normal condition.

Checking Blood Sugar 3 Hours After Eating

If you want to know the blood sugar levels in the body, you can check it yourself using a blood sugar check tool. Then when is the right time to check blood sugar? You can check it after you finish eating, exactly 3 hours after eating.

Why should 3 hours? This is because the process of food absorption by the body at that time is over. This is a good time to check your blood sugar, so you know whether you have consumed the right foods or not, so it does not have a bad effect on insulin. If done more than 3 hours, then you check the blood sugar that is not affected by food.

Your blood sugar is said to be normal if it is below 140 mg/dl. You should be vigilant if ranges from 140-199 mg/dl because in this range have been categorized as pre-diabetes.

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Well, if blood sugar ranges from 200 mg/dl or more, then you have entered the category of diabetes. If that happens, how to lower fast?

How to Lower Blood Sugar Quickly

For those of you who have high sugar, do not worry! There are several effective and quick ways to lower it. This method is very easy to do because you do not need to use drugs in the process. Then how?

1.Limit consumption of sweet foods and drinks

Because of the high sugar content, of course, that must be considered is the intake of sweet foods and beverages. ‘Restrict’ does not mean you should not eat sweet foods and drinks at all. It’s just that you need to reduce the amount so as not to miss other important nutrients in the body. You can replace sugar with other healthier sweeteners such as sucralose, saccharin, or stevia.

2. Do not skip breakfast time

You who are still working may often skip breakfast for fear of being late to work. However, frequent skipping breakfast will trigger stomach and digestive health problems because of the blood sugar level increases. Well from now on do not miss breakfast yes. Fill your stomach with a healthy and nutritious food before running the activity.

3. Drink plenty of water

Enough your body fluids with plenty of water. The recommended amount is 8 glasses a day. Adequate body fluids will help lower blood sugar, even help neutralize substances that are toxically arising from high sugar levels.

4. Be diligent exercise

If you want to lower blood sugar, do not be lazy to exercise. Exercise is certainly very helpful in lowering excess sugar in the body. No need to exercise hard. Enough jogging, cycling, gymnastics, or other light exercise for 30 minutes and your blood sugar will go down.

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5. Get enough rest

No matter how busy your daily activities are, you still have enough rest. Avoid sleeping too late because it will trigger an increase in blood sugar in the body. Try to sleep for 8 hours every day at night. It would be better if you take the time to nap at least 30 minutes every day.

So, Easy is not it? You can do it from now on and let’s live healthily!