Blood Sugar After Eating And How To Lower Blood Sugar Immediately?

How To Lower Blood Sugar Immediately
How To Lower Blood Sugar Immediately

How to lower blood sugar immediately? High blood sugar levels in the body indicate that you have an indication of diabetes. This is because the hormone insulin cannot work to process sugar and spread into the cells. This can be a trigger for organ damage. Of course, before that happens, you should lower your blood sugar immediately.

Increased blood sugar in the body can result from hormonal or lifestyle factors. Mostly, diabetes arises from an irregular lifestyle (diet). You may find it does not matter because you are not diabetic. But there is no harm in maintaining a healthy diet and regularly to prevent the body from diabetes. You do not want to get diabetes instead? Then if it happens, how to lower blood sugar immediately? Previously let’s consider the following explanation.

Increased Blood Sugar Immediately After Eating?

Generally, blood sugar checks are done before meals, three hours after meals, or after 8 hours of fasting. This is because when after eating, blood sugar levels always increase. That is a natural thing because blood sugar will come back down after two or three hours. However, it only happens to healthy people.

For people with diabetes, you have to be careful. Although the increase is not far above the normal limit (140mg / dl), the body’s ability to control blood sugar is not as good as healthy people in general. After all, the rise in blood sugar in healthy people will not exceed 140 mg/dl.

Blood sugar after a meal in diabetics is difficult to go back down or takes a long time to go down. In addition, increased blood sugar levels after eating can trigger the formation of oxidative stress, which became the beginning of the onset of heart disease. Of course, you do not want it? Therefore, you should be smart to control the intake of food so as not to increase blood sugar afterwards. Then if it is already rising, how to reduce blood sugar immediately?

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How to Lower Blood Sugar Immediately

Lowering blood sugar is actually easy and simple if you have the intention to do so. Rather than wait badly, you better do it from now on. Read the explanation below to find out how.

  1. Control Diet
    You are accustomed to eating good food without assessing its nutritional content may be difficult to control diet. But do not give up, familiarize yourself to start living healthy. Choose healthy and nutritious foods. Avoid foods with high glycemic load and low-glycemic foods (methane rice, vegetables, fruits, red beans, skim milk). Limit your meals too. Eat in moderation.
  2. Regular Exercise And Water Consumption
    Exercise can help lower your blood sugar levels immediately. No need to exercise heavy and long. Just do mild exercise for 30 minutes on a regular basis. Do not forget to drink 8 glasses of water a day to meet your daily water needs. Eating enough water also helps lower blood sugar levels quickly.
  3. Consumption Of Natural Medicines
    You can take natural medicines like cinnamon, green tea, garlic, basil leaves, and moringa leaves to help lower blood sugar immediately. But of course, these materials need to be processed before consumption. If necessary, consult a physician or herbalist to find out the natural remedies that are right for you.

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