How To Reduce Blood Sugar Quickly With Or Without Medication?

How To Lower Blood Sugar Quickly
How To Lower Blood Sugar Quickly

How to lower blood sugar quickly? Glucose comes from the Greek word (glucus) which means it is sweet. This substance is basically needed in the human body as a source of energy for the body. Glucose comes from carbohydrates in foods and beverages consumed by the body every day. Which means this substance comes from outside the body?

In normal levels, glucose does work for the body. But if excessive, certainly can cause various diseases, one of which is diabetes. If it happens, you should know how to lower blood sugar quickly.

There are two ways to lower blood sugar quickly, namely medical methods and without medication. If it’s not too severe, you can lower your blood sugar by natural or non-medical methods. This method is very easy to do and does not need to spend a lot of money.

How to Lower Blood Sugar Without Medication

The first way to lower blood sugar is by natural or non-medical methods. Why would you go to a doctor if you can cure it yourself at home? This method is very easy to do and be the beginning for you to start living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Do Diet to lower blood sugar

Diet is not only done by people who want to lose weight alone. One of the benefits of diet is to maintain a healthy body. If your blood sugar is high, the first step to do is to diet by changing your diet to keep your blood sugar back to normal.

Eat healthy and nutritious foods, reduce consumption of carbohydrates and sugars because these foods will affect glucose levels in the body.

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Choose foods with low glycemic loads such as wheat, brown rice, vegetables, fruits, peas, red beans, and skim milk. But despite the low glycemic levels, consider also the portion of food. If consumed too much it still causes an increase in blood sugar.

Avoid foods with high glycemic levels such as white rice, instant oatmeal, white bread, soft drinks, ice cream, and sweet potatoes.

  1. Get used to regular exercise and adequate water consumption

Diet is not complete without exercise. Do light exercise such as jogging, gymnastics, swimming, or cycling for 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week will help lower blood sugar in the body and also help the efficient utilization of blood sugar in your body.

Simply consuming your daily water. In addition to lowering blood sugar, water also works to replace lost body fluids after exercise. The recommended amount of water is 8 glasses per day.

Keep in mind, if your blood sugar is too high, you should consult your doctor about exercise that is suitable for your condition and how long you can do it.

  1. Consumption of natural medicines

In addition to diet and exercise, you can also take natural medicines to lower blood sugar. Some of these natural remedies are cinnamon, green tea, garlic, basil leaves, and moringa leaves. But of course, these ingredients must be processed first before consumption.

That’s how to lower blood sugar without medication. But if your blood sugar is too high, still precisely lower it by natural or non-medical methods? Let us consider the explanation below.

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How to Lower Blood Sugar Fast with Medication

Dieting, exercise, and taking natural medicines are indeed capable of lowering high sugar. Natural or non-medical methods were fairly easy to do. However, to lower the sugar is too high, you should accompany the natural method with medical. The reason, if it is too high will be difficult to control and require further treatment from doctors.

Blood sugar is categorized high if it reaches 200 mg/dl. If it has reached more than 240 mg/dl, that means blood sugar levels are included in the category is too high! Usually, when it is like that, it takes the use of drugs and even possible insulin treatment.

You should consult with your doctor about the treatment plan you should live because the blood sugar levels can vary in each patient. Therefore, different treatment plans are needed. Do not forget also to always check your blood sugar routine yes!

Thus, how to lower blood sugar quickly using natural or non-medical methods and medical methods. Hopefully useful and you can do easily without a hitch. Keep the spirit to go back to healthy living yes!