How To Lower Blood Sugar Without Medication If Over 250

How To Lower Blood Sugar Without Medication
How To Lower Blood Sugar Without Medication

How to lower blood sugar without medication? Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are much more than normal. This condition occurs because the hormone insulin does not work properly or the number of hormones in the body. The hormone insulin serves to transport the body cells in the body.

In people with type 1 diabetes, taking drugs regularly as recommended by a doctor is obligatory. Drugs or injections given to replace the hormone insulin that is not able to produce the body. While people with type 2 diabetes, which is usually caused by a healthy lifestyle, only a small proportion of patients who require diabetes drugs on a regular basis.

The rest is just to change the pattern of a healthier lifestyle. Then how to lower blood sugar without medication in people with type 2 diabetes?

How To Lower Blood Sugar Without Medication In People With Type 2 Diabetes?

For people with type 2 diabetes, consider and follow the explanation below. Patients can live healthier without having to take drugs. How to?

  1. Control diet
    The most important thing to do is to control the intake of food into the body. Diabetics should reduce the intake of sweet foods. Choose foods that contain low glycemic levels. Expand eating fiber foods because it will help slow down the digestion and absorption of sugar in the body. Choose foods rich in chromium and magnesium because high blood sugar levels can be caused by the content of these two substances.
  2. Breakfast every day
    Never once breakfast only one day. Skipping breakfast will make the blood sugar level rise. Breakfast with healthy and nutritious food.
  3. Drink plenty of water
    Water is very helpful in overcoming blood sugar. Drink at least 8 glasses per day because in addition to lowering blood sugar also to meet the daily needs of the body.
  4. Routine exercise
    Good exercise for people with mild exercise diabetes such as jogging, gymnastics, cycling, or swimming. Routinely for 30 minutes to lower blood sugar levels in the body.
  5. Sleep and adequate rest
    Often stay up is one cause of the rise in blood sugar. Get used to sleeping regularly and not too late. Sleeping 8 hours a day at night is enough.
  6. Maintain stress levels
    Be careful when you are stressed, as this condition increases in the body. Wait for the mind and as much as possible avoid excessive stress.
    The way above applies to people with type 2 diabetes. If too high, whether the above can still be used? Is there another solution?
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How To Lower Blood Sugar To 250 Mg/Dl

Be careful if your blood sugar is already at 250 mg/dl. That’s all the sugar levels in your body is too high. If it’s like that, how to lower blood sugar without drugs above is still able to help, but it would be okay if you check it with the doctor to get a better treatment advice.

If the sugar level is too high, it usually takes medications to lower it. We recommend that you follow the advice of doctors for the best results in how to lower blood sugar without medication.