The Symptoms of Diabetes and How Natural Diabetes Treatment


Nursing diagnosis for diabetes is too rare. Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels in the body are well above normal. The disease is suffered by tons of people.

Our Country is one of the countries with the fourth largest number of diabetics in the world after India, and China. If you find any symptoms of diabetes in yourself or loved ones, take medication immediately

The symptoms of diabetes can be easily recognized. For that, it is not difficult to take precautions and even treatment if you already know the symptoms. Here are some symptoms that are often seen in diabetics.

Nursing Diagnosis For Diabetes
Nursing Diagnosis For Diabetes

Some Nursing Diagnosis For Diabetes To Find Out

For those of you who have a high risk of diabetes or you are healthy, it is very important to know what the symptoms of diabetes are to be handled quickly. Some symptoms such as:

  1. You often feel thirsty and always urinate

When you suffer from this disease, kidney function in your body is interrupted shortly after the body is unable to control high blood sugar. Thus, the body fluids that are usually absorbed by the kidney actually even come out with sugar. Conditions that result in frequent urination and continue to feel thirsty because the incoming fluid is removed again.

  1. Hurry up and get tired easily

When diabetes, you will always be attacked hungry but and never feel full because of the intake of nutrients that go not processed by the body into energy. Because there is no energy that makes you feel tired quickly.

  1. Weight and muscle mass decreases
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Because the body cannot absorb nutrient intake, it is useless to consume a lot of food. As a result, weight and muscle mass in your body will be reduced drastically.

  1. The mouth is dry

Saliva glands that cannot produce saliva normally make your mouth always feel dry.

  1. Vision becomes blurred

Your vision will be blurred when you have the disease. This is because the body does not provide energy for activity in body tissues, including activity in the neural network of vision.

  1. Long wound healed

If you are injured in this illness, your injuries will heal a long time because the wound is not well-nurtured.
That’s the symptoms of diabetes that often arise. Then how natural treatment for diabetes is this?

Natural Cure For Diabetes For Nursing Diagnosis Of Diabetes

Natural medicine is easier and practical in practice. No need to spend much money and spend the time with the doctor if you want to undergo this treatment.

  1. Do not skip!

Do not skip breakfast because it will trigger stomach and digestive health problems. It will cause blood sugar levels to rise. Eat with nutritious food before you run the activity.

  1. Get rest!

As busy as any of your activities, try to sleep for 8 hours every day at night and take a nap for 30 minutes. This helps to lower your blood sugar high.

  1. Drink Water!

The recommended amount to meet your daily water needs is 8 glasses a day. This will help the body in lowering blood sugar.

  1. Exercise!

Do light exercises such as jogging, gymnastics, cycling or another light exercise for 30 minutes as much as 3-5 times a week, then your blood sugar will decrease.

  1. Avoid sweet foods
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‘Restrict’ does not mean you should not eat any sweet foods at all. This means you need to reduce the amount to increase blood sugar levels are already high.

Thus, nursing diagnosis for diabetes and how to treat it naturally. If necessary, consult your doctor about recommended treatments that are appropriate for your condition.